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CBD Detox Tea


Excess weight around the abdomen or belly can be caused by impacted waste stuck to the inside wall of the colon and small intestine, no amount of exercise or dieting can reduce the size of your abdomen, but Galatea CBD Detox Tea can! If you have bloat, mid-riff bulge, or a “beer belly” then Galatea CBD Detox Tea can help you lose that unwanted waste and lose inches around your waist.

Ingredients for Galatea CBD Detox Tea:

CBD, Holy Thistle, Persimmon Leaves, Marsh Mallow Leaves, Malva Leaves, Chamomile, Ginger, Papaya, Blessed Thistle, Myrrh, and CBD.

Directions for Use of Galatea CBD Detox Tea:

Drink 8oz. of tea with breakfast (or lunch) and dinner. Optional: drink 4 oz. with snacks

Preparation of Galatea CBD Detox Tea:

  1. Bring 2 cups of water to a boil and remove from heat.
  2. Place 2 tea bags in the heated water, cover and steep at least 2 hours using Alkaline Water with a ph of 7 or greater.
  3. Pour into pitcher (gallon) and fill with water (use your favorite sweetener) **leaving Galatea CBD Detox Teabags in the pitcher till all the tea is gone.
  4. Refrigerate and it’s ready to drink.  **You may drink it Hot or Cold.


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CBD Detox Tea  100% All Natural



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